IGERT-TEECH: How to Apply

Prospective Students

All IGERT students are UCSD graduate students. This is not a separate PhD Degree. The first step is to apply to graduate school at UCSD in your department/discipline of choice. On-line application is available through the University of California San Diego Office of Graduate Studies. Applications to graduate school at UCSD are accepted on the schedule determined by the department of application and applicants must fulfill all the specific application requirements of the respective UCSD department.

In addition, applicants to the IGERT must submit an IGERT essay (upload in the Fellowship Opportunities). The IGERT essay will clearly address how the candidate's career goals match those of the IGERT program. The applicant should express why they are applying to a multi-disciplinary program. The essay should be no more than two pages, single-spaced, 12 pt. font size.

REMINDER: NSF funding is available only to U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents.

Applications from Existing Graduate Students: All Departments.

We welcome existing Ph.D. students from all Departments in UCSD’s Jacobs School of Engineering, as well as Chemistry, Physics, History, Anthropology, and Visual Arts (Art History). Applicants must submit by January 7, 2012 a 2-page essay, 12pt type size and a letter of recommendation from their major professor to mail code 0436 or email to cisa3@ucsd.edu. Letters may be addressed to the IGERT Selection Committee.


Graduate Students may apply at any time, but fourth-year students and foreign nationals are not eligible. NSF funding is available only to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

IGERT Handbook

All applicants are encouraged to review the IGERT Handbook for complete details of program requirements and opportunities.

Selection process

Competitive applicants (those accepted by a UCSD graduate program) will be screened by the IGERT Selection Committee. Existing students who apply for funding and are competitive candidates will provide a presentation to the IGERT Selection committee on a date to be determined in February 2012.

For First-Year Candidates Only

The UCSD Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) supports the IGERT program with one two-year San Diego Fellowship for an appropriate first-year candidate. Applicants who meet the NSF definition of "underrepresented" should include that in their essay. NSF underrepresented groups include women, underrepresented minorities (African Americans, American Indians including Native Alaskans, Hispanics and Native Pacific Islanders), and persons with disabilities. For more on diversity and San Diego Fellowships, click on Diversity in the “Join Us” drop-down menu.