Tom Wypych

Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering, 2014

Tom Wypych is a doctoral candidate specializing in multi-spectral imaging, embedded systems, and wireless technologies in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at UCSD. His research interests include embedded design on mobile and accelerated processors, media coding applications, image acquisition and processing, and cellular communications technologies. Recent projects have included the hardware and software design of large-format, high-resolution, high-energy, X-ray computer tomography for non-destructive testing, co-design and authorship of the CGLX family of applications for distributed display environments, and implementation of media delivery for low-latency, low-bandwidth communications. Current research is focused on the integration and specialization of autonomous aerial vehicles to provide imaging and communications mission support for applications in cultural heritage field expeditions. He recently authored "AirGSM: An Unmanned, Flying GSM Cellular Base Station for Flexible Field Communications" published in IEEE Aerospace 2012.




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